For a brighter transport future, public transport is the way forward. As we begin to emerge from the health crisis, what sort of transport future do we want? Will we slip into a future of ever-rising car use? Or can we build a brighter transport future – one that is greener and fairer, that connects people rather than leaving them behind, that gives us clean air to breathe and a planet fit for the next generation?

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I have never learnt to drive because I have epilepsy so I've always relied solely on public transport to get around. Hopefully when we reach some form of normality people will continue to leave their cars at home.

Ruth, Birmingham
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We're really looking forward to travelling further afield again by public transport and we've even worked with the children to put a list together of the places we'd like to visit - including seeing Grandad for the first time in 14 months.

Jessica, Devon
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Just because we are mature does not mean we should not have access to public transport... public transport means we can continue to get out and enjoy our lives.

Diane, Coventry
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