Four numbers that show why public transport is vital

11 June 2021
Four numbers that show why public transport is vital

If you’ve ever talked to friends about the importance of public transport, you might have encountered arguments like, “Soon we’ll all have electric cars / planes / hoverboards and we won’t need to worry about transport emissions”.

We certainly have!

So we’ve pulled together four statistics that clearly show the importance of public transport.


Electric cars will play a really important part in a green transport future, but they aren’t a silver bullet, not least because so far not many people are buying them. The good news is that trains, buses, coaches and trams can reduce our carbon footprint AND cut congestion – and they’re ready and waiting.


Good, affordable public transport can reduce traffic, leaving streets safer and the air cleaner. We’re calling on the Government to support and improve public transport, and encourage people to use it again, to avoid slipping into a future of ever-rising car use. (Please email your MP if you haven’t already).


Rail is a great, green way to travel. To help tackle climate change, the Government should reopen disused rail lines, make fares simple and affordable and encourage people back on board.


For low-income households, the figure is even higher at 45 per cent. If public transport dwindles, non-drivers could find themselves cut off from jobs and training, friends and family, shops and doctors’ surgeries.

We hope these statistics will be useful next time you’re talking to friends and family about public transport. You might also like to write to your local paper (we’ve produced this quick guide) or spread the word on social media by sharing our tweets and Facebook posts or using some of the images in our toolkit.

If you haven’t already, please also email your MP about the importance of public transport using our quick form.