The way forward is public transport: join the campaign

As we emerge from the health crisis, what sort of transport future do we want?

If the Government doesn’t act, there’s a risk that people will drive more and more. The dangers are real: climate change, pollution and traffic-clogged streets; dwindling public transport leaving non-drivers stranded.

The Way Forward campaign is calling on the Government to make public transport a priority. Buses, trains, coaches and trams – alongside walking and cycling – can give us a brighter transport future – one that is greener and fairer, that connects people rather than leaving them behind, that gives us clean air to breathe and a planet fit for the next generation.

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I care about transport. I don’t want a future of traffic jams and dirty air. I want the Government to back public transport for a greener, fairer transport future.

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Just because we are mature does not mean we should not have access to public transport... public transport means we can continue to get out and enjoy our lives.

Diane, Coventry
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Forty years ago we used to drive into London at the weekend when you could park on most streets. I cannot imagine travel into London without the train today.

John, Hertfordshire
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I do hope our transport system survives. it is so important and our planet needs it.

Ann, Lincolnshire
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