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Andrew, East Sussex

Andrew lives in Seaford and runs a business in Newhaven. He regularly catches the bus between the two places for work. He also uses the bus to go shopping at the weekends. Andy is registered blind.


“Most of the time, I need to catch the bus for work. To be honest with you, getting the bus is what gives me my independence. I don’t want to keep relying on my wife to ferry me about. The bus gives me that bit of independence and experience. The drivers don’t rush me, and they don’t put me under any pressure.”

Andy said he felt safe travelling during the pandemic.

“I honestly believe the bus company has done everything it possibly can to make the bus safe. There’s no reason, in my view, that you’re more likely to get Covid on a bus. You’re more likely to get it in a supermarket. I still wear a mask on the bus for my own safety, even though I have a Helping Hand exemption card.

“I’m quite an outgoing person and the bus means I don’t feel trapped and reliant on other people. I know there’s a bus stop down the road and I can go myself. I’m not a person to stand by and let everyone do everything for me. The bus is good for disabled people.”