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Jessica, Devon

Jessica from Devon and her family love to look at the scenery, play games and chat on their journeys. They’ve put together a list of places to visit by bus and train when travel opens up again.

“Using public transport has always been important to us as a family. Before having children, we travelled extensively for work and leisure on the train and we were keen to keep this up after starting a family. Our children have been used to jumping on and off trains and buses from a very early age, enjoying days out to the coast, trips to the swimming pool, cinema and bowling, family holidays, visiting friends, and even to get to the dentist. We have always found traveling on the train with children to be a really enjoyable experience. We get to look out at the scenery, play games and chat to fellow travellers.

“We relocated to Devon just before the start of the pandemic: new schools, new jobs, new house. Our choice about where to live was strongly influenced by good public transport links. During the first lockdown we avoided travelling altogether apart from the occasional essential journey to work on the bus. Over the summer after the first lockdown ended, we did manage a couple of trips to the beach, a day visit to the aquarium, and some shopping further afield. The local public transport providers have done an excellent job keeping the services running.

“As this latest lockdown eases, we’re really looking forward to travelling further afield again by public transport and we’ve even worked with the children to put a list together of the places we’d like to visit. We’ve promised them several trips to the beach, a night away in a hotel and some much belated visits to friends and family, including seeing Grandad for the first time in 14 months. We also desperately need a trip to the nearest large town as the children are growing out of their school uniforms, and like everyone else, we all need a haircut!”

Jessica’s story comes via Good Journey.