Write to your local paper

One way you can take part in the campaign is by writing a letter or email to your local newspaper. You can find the email address for the letters page in the print version of your local paper, or online. Use an attention-grabbing subject for your email and make sure you keep the main text short and to the point: a few well written sentences are better than several long paragraphs. An example of a short letter to the editor is below which you can adapt and personalise with your own examples of why public transport is important to you.

To: letters@mylocalpaper.co.uk

Subject: Public transport needs support

Dear sir or madam

I rely on the [bus/train] to [get to work/see friends and family/get into town/go to college/get to the next village/etc.]. If there wasn’t a [bus/train,] I’d wouldn’t be able to [take care of my mum/get to my hospital appointments/go swimming/take my children to afterschool activities/etc.]. Now we’re moving out of the health crisis I worry that these vital links will be permanently reduced, leaving people like me [stranded/reliant on lifts/forced to drive everywhere]. The Government must do all it can to support public transport by getting more people back on board. Even if you don’t use public transport regularly you still benefit from less traffic on the roads, and fewer cars mean safer, healthier streets for everyone. I want to see a green recovery and a fair, healthy and sustainable future, that’s why I’m supporting Campaign for Better Transport’s ‘The Way Forward’ campaign to get public transport back on track.

Yours Ms W Forward

Address, contact number


Please forward a copy of your letter to us, too! communications@bettertransport.org.uk