Droughts and floods… melting ice caps and rising sea levels… species facing extinction as their habitats dwindle. The effects of climate change are already being felt. And with the UK hosting the UN Climate Change Conference this year, it’s even more important that our country reduces its carbon emissions.

But we have a problem: transport. In the UK, domestic transport – including cars and lorries – emits more carbon than any other sector. And things are barely getting better: while emissions from the ‘energy supply’ sector have fallen by 62 per cent since 1990, emissions from transport have fallen by just three per cent.

Meanwhile, air pollution is damaging our health. People in towns and cities across the land are breathing polluted air that makes them ill, and once again, transport is the main culprit.

Electric cars are part of the answer. But so far, not many people are buying them.

The good news is that trains, buses, coaches and trams can reduce our carbon footprint – and they’re ready and waiting. As we emerge from the health crisis, we’re calling on the Government to support and improve public transport and encourage people back on board. To tackle climate change, public transport is the way forward.