Our asks for Government

How to prevent a car-led recovery and ensure that public transport recovers and thrives? The answer lies with the Government.

The Way Forward campaign is calling on the Government to champion public transport as being central to a fair, sustainable transport system.

We’re also calling on the Government to invest in improving public transport to ensure it gives everyone easy, convenient, affordable journeys in the long term.

The Government ought to:

  • Lead the way with a national campaign and an incentive scheme to encourage people back on board public transport
  • Continue the emergency financial support for public transport services until such a time as it is no longer necessary
  • Place public transport at the heart of a green recovery with a passenger-centred approach to getting people back on board. Public transport needs to evolve to suit new ways of working and living to offer a genuine alternative to the private car. It needs to be easier and simpler to pay for with contactless payments as standard and multi-modal tickets that can be used on buses and trains, and more affordable with flexible tickets that fit new travel patterns
  • Protect services and renew the public transport system by restoring lost rail links and reconnecting communities to the network.

I do hope our transport system survives. it is so important and our planet needs it.

Ann, Lincolnshire
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